University of Houston links:

  • Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

  • Other facilities

  • Other institutions doing geochemistry research in the Houston area:

  • Astromaterials Research and Exploration Science division at NASA Johnson Space Center

  • Lunar and Planetary Science Institute

  • Department of Earth Science at Rice University

  • Geochemistry databases:

  • GERM: Partition coefficients

  • GERM: Reservoirs

  • EarthChem

  • PULI: Infrared spectra of minerals

  • Martian meteorite compendium from NASA

  • Martian meteorite compendium from Tony Irving at the University of Washington

  • Lunar meteorite compendium from NASA

  • HED meteorite compendium from NASA

  • Geochemistry modeling:

  • Isoplot: For calculating and plotting radiogenic isotope isochrons

  • MELTS: Thermodynamic modeling of phase equilibria in magmatic systems

  • The Mineralogical Society of America Software Links page has links to useful petrology and mineralogy modeling softwares

  • Funding:
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