Rosalind Armytage

Post-Doctoral Researcher 2012-2014
Current Employment: Lab Manager for Jacobs at NASA-Johnson Space Center






MESci Earth Sciences: University of Oxford, UK. (2003-2007) 4th Year project: Experimental metal-silicate partitioning of iodine at high pressure and temperature Advisors: Prof. Andrew Jephcoat, Dr M. Ali Bouhifd

DPhil: University of Oxford, UK (2007-2011) Thesis Title: The silicon isotopic composition of inner solar system materials Advisors: Prof. Alex Halliday, Dr R. Bastian Georg and Dr Helen Williams


Post Doc: Université Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium 2014, Advisiors: Dr. V. Debaille

Post Doc: University of Houston 2012-2014, Advisor: Dr. A. Brandon

Research Interests

I am interested in using high precision isotopic measurements of geological samples to address the early history of the solar system and the terrestrial planets. I apply a variety of different isotopic systems (both stable and radiogenic) to problems such as understanding the nature of the material that accreted to form the Earth, metal-silicate differentiation, formation of the Moon, and the evolution of continental crust. During my PhD I applied the technique of MC-ICP-MS analysis of stable silicon isotopes to a number of inner solar system materials including meteorites and lunar rocks. Measurements of silicon isotope composition can provide information on physical processes the materials have experienced, and can reflect partitioning between different bonding environments. The silicon isotope data provided insights into the light element component of the Earth’s core, and put constraints on the formation of the Moon

As part of the TIMS group at UH I am working on radiometric dating of peridotites from SW USA, using a variety of isotopic systems in order to trace mantle metasomatism and the timing of crustal formation. This isotopic work is complementary to previous and on-going petrographic studies of these mantle xenoliths working with Dr Anne Peslier (Jacobs/JSC). I am also looking at the isotopic signatures in enstatite chondrites in order to better understand the genesis of this important group of meteorites.

Analytical experience/interest

  • ICP-MS
  • TIMS
  • EMPA


R.M.G. Armytage, R.B. Georg, H.M. Williams, A.N. Halliday (2012) Silicon isotopes in lunar rocks: Implications for the Moon’s formation and the early history of the Earth. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 77, 504-514

R.M.G. Armytage, R.B. Georg, P.S. Savage, H.M. Williams, A.N. Halliday (2011) Silicon isotopes in meteorites and planetary core formation. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 75, 3662-3676

R. Duffard, K. Kumar, S. Pirotta, M. Salatti, M. Kubínyi, U. Derz, R.M.G. Armytage, S. Arloth, L. Donati, A. Duricic, J. Flahaut, S. Hempel, A. Pollinger, S. Poulsen (2011) A multiple-rendezvous, sample-return mission to two near-Earth asteroids Advances in Space Research 48(1) 120-132

P.S. Savage, R.B. Georg, R.M.G. Armytage, H.M. Williams A.N. Halliday (2010) Silicon isotope homogeneity in the mantle Earth and Planetary Science Letters 295, 139-146

Dominik C. Hezel, Andrew W. Needham, Ros Armytage, Bastian Georg, Richard L. Abel, Erika Kurahashi, Barry J. Coles, Mark Rehkämper, Sara S. Russell (2010) A nebula setting as the origin for bulk chondrule Fe isotope variations in CV chondrites Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 296, 423-433

Conference Abstracts

R.M.G. Armytage, R.B. Georg, H. M. Williams, A.N. Halliday (2012) Silicon Isotopic Composition of Allende Chondrules and Nebular Processes. Lunar and Planetary Science Conference. Lunar and Planetary Science XLIII Abs. #1971

R.M.G. Armytage, Andrew P. Jephcoat, M. Ali Bouhifd, Don Porcelli (2011) Metal-silicate partitioning of iodine at high pressures and temperatures: Implications for the Earth’s core. Goldschmidt Conference. Mineralogical Magazine 75 p453

R.M.G. Armytage, R.B. Georg, H. M. Williams, A.N. Halliday (2010) Characterisation of the silicon isotope composition of the lunar mantle. Annu. Meteoritical Society Meeting Meteoritics & Planetary Science Abs. #1746


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